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Noah M. Tailor by Jazzanovawolf Noah M. Tailor by Jazzanovawolf

Biological Information


Birth Name: Jose Nol. Tamriel

Current Alias: Noah M. Tailor (secret identity), Jennova (true form),

Known Aliases: (given-names and surnames) - Unknown

Epithet: The Omni-Mage, The Divine Sorcerer,

Relatives: Unnamed Parents, Lucian Nol. Tamriel (brother), Jennatha Nol. Tamriel (sister), Nava (adapted father & master; deceased),

Affiliation: The Justice Legion,

Base Of Operations: His Estate,



Alignment: Good

Identity: Secret

Citizenship: Avalon, American


Marital Status: Unknown


Occupation:Various; mostly magazine editor, leader of the Justice Legion,


Goal(s): Revenge against Lucien (success), saving and rebuilding Liberty City (complete success), complete training and become worthy of the Espeon (success), finding inner peace (success), 


Home: Avalon (anti-active), Earth; Liberty City ~GTA 4 version~ (active),


Race: Homo Magi

Personality: Elegant, powerful, caring, intuitive, warm, protective, loving, kind, selfless, observant, intelligent, independent, artistic, watchful, down-to-earth, benevolent, charming, athletic, funny, heroic, adventurous, fun, daring, brave, generous, bold, loving, cheery, clever, resourceful, trustworthy, quick-thinking, confident,  patient, talented, suave, caring, sly, tolerant, friendly, brave, generous, romantic, and


Appearance: (body only) - Slender handsome anthro wolf; Cod Gray colored main fur, white belly and chin, two Crimson red colored paw prints given to him by his master Nava, Golden Dream colored eyes,


Powers & Abilities


Powers: Magic; Jennova is capable is wielding nearly any form of magic.


Abilities:Unknown; still coming with some ideas.


Skills: Hypercompetent; Noah is basically skilled at at virtually everything, pulling perfect scores faster than the eye can follow. 


Weapons: Various; but his most prize possession is his Espeon Gem. This gem allows its chosen wielder to be nearly all powerful. Unknown for sure.  

Weaknesses: Science; Jennova has little to no experience in the field of science like Superman who's weak against Magic.  




•This character is base on Doctor Strange (Marvel), Rynar Lute (Legend of the Legendary Heroes), 


•Noah comes from a dimensional home called Avalon. It is ruled by the benevolent ruler Avo (who's base on the god from Fable & Fable TLC).   


•In the remake of Noah's life, he was a widow since he used to be married to Nicole, a mortal from Earth. 


•There are multiple versions of Noah; this is the fursona version of him from the unnamed Universe. 


•It's unknown of his parents' names. To make something up, I'm thinking his father name should be Xavier & his mother would be Aira. 


•His Orientation is
Heterosexual (straight)



Artwork of Character was done by Superbabsy123 of FA -…

Character himself belongs to me.

This is a remake of the old background info of this character.

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September 11, 2013
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