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Noah Magnus Tailor by Jazzanovawolf Noah Magnus Tailor by Jazzanovawolf
Real Full Name: Jennova Tamriel

Alias: Noah Tailor, Oberon Saul,

Epithets: As Jennova} The Omni-Mage. As Noah Tailor} Liberty City's riches and famous wolf, The Top Canine of L.C.U.F.C.

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown; cause of his immortality, he’s most likely in his 20’s or 30’s

Birthday/year: N/A

Marital Status: Taken

Eyes: Gold

Fur Color: Black & White

Fur Style: Black all over expect for the white belly that goes from there to under his chin

Origin: Sanctuary, Liberty City_(Fan-Fictional)

Language(s): English

Blood Type: A, B,

Height: He's the same height as Roanona Zoro

Weight/Body Structure/Physical Faults: Light weight; slime; mildly muscled

Race/Species: Wolf

Parents/Elders/Guardians: Nava (Master; Deceased)

Siblings: None Biological

Love Interest: Aurora Spencer

Spouse: Nichol (Formerly)

Younglings: Mithriel Tailor (Son), Fiona Tailor (Daughter),

Friends: Krypto=Superdog, Ace=Bathound, Streaky=Supercat, Milo B. Barkin,

Allies: Rion Nicolas, Nor-Morpheus, Reven Blake,

Enemies: Lucien Rosenrath, Kane Nicholas, The Superior Four, The Lords of Chaos,


Past Career/Careers: Former Soldier of U.S. Army, Former Sergeant in the Confederate Army, Journalist, A Priest, An Auto-Tune Singer, five time champion wrestler.

Current Career/Careers: Manager of L.C.I.N.N.’s Editor Department (Liberty City Interview News Network), Male Model of Loray-Lamore, Top Fighter of the L.C.U.F.C. (Liberty City Ultimate Fighting Champions), Leader of the Celestial Mages

Personal Life Goal: To find and Defeat Lucien Rosenrath

Dream Goal: To Marry Aurora Spencer and have a family of his own.

Hobbies: Anything Interesting

Things he Likes: Anything Interesting

Things he Loves: His friends, Rain Showers, Music,

His Dislikes: Bullies, Trolls, Undead, Dying, Liars, Anyone and Anything getting killed, Injustice, Dark memories from his past, Necromancy,

Things he Loathes: N/A; personally, he despises anything that would REALLY ticks him off

Things he Fears: losing his family & friends, Cthulhu,

His Strengths: His friends, His family, all that is good, magic,

Weakness: Skorm Seal (works on Jennova like Superman to Kryptonite),


Good Qualities: Nearly anything;

Bad Habits: Being immortal, Noah tends to forget some of his evens in the past, he tends to show off his powers sometimes, despite his relationship with his girlfriend, Aurora, Noah tends to flirt with any feral or anthro who has the beauty of Boa Hancock, he’s somewhat of a workaholic; so he hardly spends time relaxing, the irony, he’s a billionaire (he’s actually a trillionair), As Jennova, he also tends to give his foes a chance to surrender, being all empathic and all. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Supernatural Powers & Abilities

Supernatural Powers & Abilities: Nigh-Omnipotent

Power Tier: Tier 2: (Near-Omnipotent)

Details of his power: Tamriel wields almost supreme power, but he is limited due to a certain element he’s missing that limits his power and prevents them from gaining true omnipotence; or due to a certain element that’s in the way, thus, preventing him from gaining true omnipotence. Despite that missing element, he wields unimaginable levels of power and can achieve a near-limitless number of effects with his near-omnipotent abilities. In others worlds, he’s somewhat in the same level Doctor Strange; as a Transcendent Mage. And all thanks to the YEARS of training, and mainly, thanks to his Espeon Gem. The gem itself allows Tamriel be an Transcendent Mage, thus, becoming just like Doctor Strange.

Range: Limitless

Firepower: Cosmic level

Speed: Class F & I (Tamriel in this class has infinite speed but is not omnipresent.)

Durability: Supernatural level; (Tamriel cannot be harmed by anything above 1,000% can still him)

Strength: Supernatural level (Tamriel is strong to the point that he is capable is lifting 500,000+ his own weight, Reaching types of his strength; Type I: Being able to lift up cars to trucks, buses, and trucks of great size. Type II: Being able to lift heavier structures from battleships to massive aircrafts.

Stamina: Physically Supernatural; he can fight for at hours, days, week, and/or even months.

Intelligence: Nigh-Omniscience; Tamriel knows almost everything in existence while being blocked from certain details or being limited in other ways, possibly only being able to see one timeline or universe, or have just small patches of information that are missing or blocked out. Thus allowing him to keep his sense of free will and uncertainty. In other words, he only knows nearly everything in the world he’s in, he wouldn’t know everything in the other words

Skill Level: Hyper-Competence; Tamriel is impossibly skilled at virtually everything.

Natural Talents: Nearly Anything; being Nigh-Omnipotent, William is capable of doing almost anything.

Weakness: Skorm Seal; The seal works the same way as Green Kryptonite to Superman, the weakness of Superman; the seal itself renders Tamriel powerless but doesn’t harm his immortality.

Temperament & Personality: He’s kind, honest, and generous; unlike his arch foe, Lucien, as Noah Tailor, he’s like a saint to the people of Liberty City, it’s always willing to give some of his money away to anyone at need; once, he give $ 100 billion dollars to Liberty City for repairs to the city’s hospitals, police department, and the schools; from elementary to high schools and more. As Jennova, he never gives up on those who are at need of a hero; he sometimes go easy on the criminals by asking them to surrender peacefully, which in no surprise if the criminals refuses. He’s also Krypto’s inspiration, which is why he came to Liberty City. He’s always kind enough to make some friends, regardless of his hunted past. As for his love life, despite his loneliness and being a hermit for who knows how many centuries, when he met Aurora, his life has changed forever. However, some months and years passed by and he still couldn’t ask her the big question (the marriage question that is). But there are worse times for Noah, being hunted by his dark past of losing Nichol, losing his allies in every battle and war he fought in, and mostly of all, losing his master, who was more of a father to Tamriel than a teacher, which is fine for him, since Tamriel doesn’t have any real mothers or fathers. Anyway; after spending his life in the new reborn city that is Liberty City, There’s no criminal, large or small that can take him down.

Artwork of Character was done by Superbabsy123 of FA -…

Character Sheet and background - Mine.

Note: This is my first upload on DA; so if things gets unsounded because of this, I might think about removing this. More Characters to come.
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